Event Gazebo in Nursery
Rahul Patel
Troop 176, Fremont

I am a Boy Scout of Troop 176 and as a requirement to achieve the rank of eagle I must plan, lead, and carry out a Community Service Project that will benefit our community. My team and I constructed a wooden gazebo from the design and project plan I created. This project was not a simply task, it took many long hours of planning, getting materials, and putting the project together. The whole process took a total of nine months from discussing the project to adding the finishing touches. This project has taught me many valuable techniques on leadership and construction. The gazebo is supported by four main posts attached the a top frame and then to provide shade there are twenty-three bars attached to the top and two lattices on two sides. The gazebo is located near the back entrance of Tule Ponds.

area before project


This project would not have been possible for all my volunteers and companies who donated materials. My volunteers consisted of my fellow scouts from Troop 176, my friends from school, and my personal family friends. Without them my project would not have been possible. As for materials, Hulbert Lumber Company in Newark donated the majority of my lumber. This saved me a great amount of money which helped me stay within my budget. I also received a big donation from Cresco a heavy machinery company who let me borrow the two-man auger for free when I had to dig the four holes to lower the poles into. I also purchased some material from The Home Depot to complete my project. Hulbert Lumber Company and Cresco were very generous and it is because of their donations I was able to stay within my budget and finish my project. 

drilling holes  framing

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