Designing Stairs to Connect Trails at Tyson Lagoon

Michael Feng
Troop  153, Fremont


My project was to create a trail that would connect two areas of Tule Ponds that are normally separated by flooding during the raining season. To do this, we had to clear the surrounding brush, transport dirt to elevate the trail approximately 2-3 feet, and then finally install 13 steps into the two sloping embankments to create a safe trail. The trail as a whole is approximately 50 feet long.

Clearing the area

Covering the area with chips

I would like to thank the following scouts for helping me complete this project: Mihir Bhagat, Ryan Hatano, Samuel Yin, Randy Chow, Alan Chan, Peter Kim, Thomas Mathews, Ernest Wong, Dion Wu, Chris Turner, Quess Liu, Alex Lim, Rohan Prakash, Mathias Sorenson, and Anson Liu.
The following volunteers also helped a great deal: Byron Tang, Ben Wu, Jon Lee, David Wang,  Gordan Mak, Vincent Chan, James Ngosy, Mr. Liu and my father.

Moving dirt to elevate stairs

Finished steps on one side

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