Continuation of Retaining Wall Station 6
Glenn Rees
Troop 269, Fremont

On Saturday, May 25, 2019, Stanley, Kenneth, Logan, and I built the walls with the materials we had purchased. We noticed that we had put the bolts in backwards, so after hammering them out the opposite direction we then realized that the threads were screwed up from the hammering. Through the problems we solved, we turned Saturday's work into a success and finished right on time! Each participant received 3 Conservation Service Hours.

start of project, lots of vegetation Working on making wall

On Monday, May 27th, Rohan, Stanley (with one arm unusable), Kevin, Albert, Justin, Ben, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Rees, and installed the wall at Tule Ponds. We cleared the vegetation around the work site, then measured and dug the holes for the posts with the power auger. We ended up drilling an additional 2 holes because our original holes for the second wall were too far apart, but eventually we got the walls leveled and the posts filled with concrete. After a lunch prepared by Mr. and Mrs. Tarnowski, we backfilled the wall with gravel and mulch to create a powerful presentation of my final project. With the exception of the two scouts that had to leave early, Each participant received 6 Conservation Service Hours.

I would like to give a special thanks to my Dad and Mr. Murphy for working their backs out with the power auger. The auger required 2 adults to use according to the Scouts BSA's Guide to Safe Scouting, so we couldn't have done this project without them.
                                                             putting in retainor wall

I would also like to thank Stanley Tarnowski for his outright determination and outstanding work ethic through both work days. Even with a broken wrist, he gave the project his best effort and worked just as hard as the others.

Lastly I would like to give Mr. Tarnowski, my Eagle Project Advisor, a huge thank you for his exceptional assistance in this project and my Eagle advancement in general. He is the one who got me motivated to not give up on becoming an Eagle Scout and pushed me to push through my hardships to find light and success. He was there every step of the way on the proposal and the planning of my project. He even paid for the all the materials we used for this project. I certainly would not have gotten anywhere close to this far without him.
I would just like to say that on both work days the team was mostly productive, and that I couldn't ask for a better crew. Thanks again for your continuous support!

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