Restoration of land for native plants and reduction of non-native plants

Dion Wu
Troop 153, Fremont

The goal of my project is to clear out all the invasive weeds and species in my area of land. The 104ft by 34ft plot of land is located right by the entrance in Tule Ponds. I am clearing out the weeds so I can put a layer of chipping on top of the land. This 3-inch layer is used to block out light, thus preventing photosynthesis from occurring in the weeds, resulting in a decrease of weeds. The chipping also deteriorates into to soil, providing rich nutrients for the soil to grow new native wildlife.

Pile of chips ready for spreading A picture of the group spreading chipping around

My project benefits Tule Ponds and the community so wildlife can be restored. Many of the weeds I am working with are not native to California, and thus have to eliminate so the native ones can prosper. Clearing this patch of weeds will restore wildlife to Tule Ponds, and will make the place look more beautiful. Some of the non-native weeds in my area are the Mallow, Curly dock, Wild rye, and Wild Oak.

Pulling out the weeds using shovels, rakes, and hands

A huge pile of weeds stored neatly inside garbage bags

I would like to thank the following scouts for help on my project: Rohan Prakash, Shaurin Desai, Scott Havard, Connor Williams, Jo Melville, Nicholas Yuk, and Douglas Yuk.

I would also like to thank the following friends that came and helped me: Eric Wang, Daniel Wong, Raj Tripathi, Kevin Su, and Patric Ho.

I would like to thank the following parents and donors as well, whom have contributed their time and effort to making my eagle project a success: Maria and Joe Wu (parents), Dr. Joyce Blueford, and Best Trees and Good Time Trees for chips that were used in the project.