Building Picnic Benches for Educational Learning


Nikhil Dhomse
Troop , Fremont

For my eagle project, I built two picnic tables to be transported to Tule Ponds and the Children's Natural History museum individually. I utilized three different kinds of wood for the picnic tables and held a construction project with 6 volunteers to build the tables in my garage. The tables were made using redwood, douglas fir wood, and pressure treated hem fir wood, and were put together using hex construction screws and carriage bolts. After constructing the tables, we sanded and painted them to smooth them over and give the tables a more refined look.

   laying out the wood drilling holes and measuring
We had
Names of the people that helped:
Ayush Sharma, Mihit Shukla,Shubh Arora,Aditya Prerepa,Shatkratu Swarnkar,Dhruv Jayaram
Vinod Dhomse,Surekha Yenpure, Senthil Kumar Pandian

                    making sides finishing touches


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