Retaining wall for Creek Trail 

Arjun Malleswaran
Troop 111, Fremont

          For my eagle project, I built a retaining wall near the creek to solidify the walking trail and preserve the surrounding landscape. It is 33 feet long and connects to another eagle scout project, forming a total length of 73 feet. As a start, I measured the length of the boards and posts I would use. Then, I identified where the four supporting posts would be, and dug a 18 inch hole for each post. I drilled holes in the boards and posts at home, then brought it to Tule Ponds in my dadís van. We installed the posts into the holes we had dug the previous week. We attached the boards horizontally to the supporting posts and verified that the entire length of the wall was level. Holding the post in place, we poured quick drying cement to complete the construction off the wall. As a last step, we covered the trail with soft wood chips for safety.

start of project digging holes for wall
putting up the wall completed area with mulch

Acknowledgements: I would like to thank Math Science Nucleus, Tule Ponds, and Dr. Blueford for this amazing opportunity. I also extend my gratitude to my volunteers, Ashwath Boominathan, Akhil Boominathan, Mallika Malleswaran, and Sopan Nair for supporting my project, as without their help, this restoration effort would have been very difficult.

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