Jungle Trail along Tyson Lagoon 

Surya Ilango
Troop 132, Fremont

My project is called the jungle trail. The idea of my eagle project was to make a trail that was previously unusable, walkable and fun for children. This meant that all the shrubs, branches, limbs, and clusters of twigs blocking the trail needed to be removed. This is what the first day of my project focused on. We used both hand saws and power tools to saw large branches blocking the trail and other limbs, and used loppers to clear out shrubs and twigs. We left a few branches as fun obstacles for the kids. On the second day of the project, we condensed and disposed of the large pile of waste we had left behind on the first day and made the trail easier to walk on by replacing a rotted set of steps and by removing hazardous overhanging twigs. On the last day of the project, we created a boundary for the trail using the logs and branches we cut up on days 1 and 2. We also laid mulch on that portion of the trail to define it.

   cutting large limbs removing vegetation

Overall, the project was a success thanks to the many people that helped. This included my family, who helped me set up the site for each day, aided me in planning, and helped buy all necessary food and supplies. My brother also was one of the workers on day 1. Second of all, my scoutmaster and assistant scoutmaster. They guided me through the process and gave me feedback that proved to be very useful. They also were in charge of using the power tools, which were lifesavers. Finally, all the scouts who showed up were the biggest help. They worked their tails off each day with very little complaints and with the utmost effort.

                                                    cutting large limbs cutting small limbs

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