Creating an Area to Build a Tule House
by Victor Wei (Troop 468)

The goal of the project was to create an even surface of dirt to erect a Tule House in Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon in Fremont, CA.  The project required extensive labor and time to be able to flatten out an area of untamed wild land into solid flattened soil.  Using pure manpower, the project was completed in 4 days. The project allowed a Tule House to be erected at the project site to further enhance children’s knowledge about Native American studies in Tule Ponds.

Victor giving instructions to his fellow scouts.  Area for Tule House, now ready to build.

Thanks to the following people who helped complete my project:

(Students) Edward Wu, Janren Liu, Brian Ng, Chris Tam, Eric Tam, Timothy Ho, Alex. Tseung, Kelvin Liu, Sarah Kim, Philip Jen, Hung Nguyen, Max Jen, Eric Chung, Franklin Fok, Owais Mahesri, Eric Wei

(Adults) Susan Luh, Jay Wei, Chlen Tam, Wing Tseung