Building a Trail at Station 6
by Joshua Wong
Troop 468, Fremont

For my Eagle Project, I cleared most of the blackberry bushes in station 6 and made a trail that is outlined by wood stumps. This trail will allow the children to be able to stand close to the water, to play with the inhabitants near there. This trail will also allow the inhabitants to cross from the water to the seasonal wetlands. I spent 3 days completing this project, from clearing blackberry bushes to making a trail and cleaning up.

area before day 1

area after day 1

I would like to give thanks to those who came to my project and helped me. I really could not have done it without them. I would also like to thank the parents for volunteering to help out. I especially thank you for fitting my Eagle Project into your busy schedules and to actually come down to help out. Finally, I would like to thank Dr. Blueford for guiding me and giving me advice on my project. Without her supervision I would have made countless mistakes. I will always remember this as the biggest learning experience in my life.

before day 2 after day 2

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