Building stairs on the Flood Plain
by Harrison Chen
Troop 124

For my Eagle Service project I constructed a flight of stairs six steps long to promote the safety of all those taking the tours. The 19ft. hill that my project took place on was the most convenient route to ascend the hill to get a view of the pond over the ridge. Many little kids and their parents would climb the hill and come back down incautiously, often resulting in injury.  The stairs would further provide easy access for the Tule Ponds staff that needs to do maintenance. The project took close to a week to plan out, another month to shop for a materials and a weekend to complete. All materials were paid for by Math and Science Nucleus.

Group shot Day 1 from the top to the right: Zach Wilson, Me, Jonathan Eng, Joshua Siu, Jason Siu, David Keller, Matt Wilson. Good Job to all! Parents helped too! Mrs. Siu lends a helping hand.    

The boys loved using the pickaxe. I am working on  the railroad all daaaay long!                                                    

 Laying of the first timber. From the top: Uncle Ryan, Me, Jonathan Eng, Dad                                                    

There are so many people Id like to thank for helping and supporting me in the carrying out of this project. So Ill start off by thanking both my parents and Dr. Blueford. My Mom who was always there with a reminder and ready support, from getting me to and from the project to staring reproachfully at me for procrastinating.  My Father, who went with me to check out my materials, bought the materials and gave me all the work support I needed throughout the whole project. Last but certainly not least, Dr. Blueford, who spent numerous hours patiently answering my questions, looking over my plan to see if I missed anything, and giving me the project in the first place. Yet my project would not have gone anywhere if I didnt have the help of numerous scouts. So, starting from the top, Id like to thank: Jonathan Eng, Jason Siu, Joshua Siu, Zach Wilson, Matt Wilson, David Keller, Matt Paglianti, and Samuel Lai. Aside from scouts numerous adults also helped so Id like to further thank: Uncle Edward, Uncle Ryan, Dad, Mrs. Paglianti, and Mrs. Siu. For technical support such as camera providers and picture developing Id like to thank my Uncle Chris.

Working the compactor Samuel Lai, Uncle Edward, spreading the mulch
Two timbers down! Four more to go! We stand proud atop the fruits of our labor.  The King of the World!  Uncle Edward, Me, Samuel