Installing Stairs in Butterfly Meadow South
Nikhil Nagboth,
Troop 273, Fremont

This was a project designed to rebuild a staircase that was uneven and shifted into the bushes. It is one of a few staircases that lead to the inner areas of Tule Ponds and a future butterfly garden. Since many elementary schools do field trips to the area, the staircase was changed in a way that made it safer for second and third-graders to use during field trips.

In all, my helpers and I:Removed the existing staircase: Trimmed some bushes in the area to clear up an area for the new staircase; Shoveled out dirt for the steps to be placed; Installed the railroad ties ; Checked the level of each railroad tie; Placed gravel in between railroad ties; Compacted the areas with gravel to level it with the bottom of the upper step and the top of the lower step. As a result, we were able to create a staircase of ten stairs consistently 14 inches apart from each other.

   area before starting, notice stairs not level digging out area

We had Thanks to the hard work of the scouts in my troop and their parents(Neil Makur, Mr. Srinivasan, Rohan Srikanth, Tarun Srikanth, Aditya Aiyer, Mr. Aiyer, Mr. Eraiah, Mr. Ramani, my friends and family, Keithav Sivashankar, Anand Raghunath, Mr. Ramachandran, Samarth Yencharla, Mr. Yencharla), my friends, and my family, my project was successful. Additionally, with the help of my eagle project coach and Dr. Blueford, I was able to efficiently plan out a new staircase for the area. My project would not be possible without the support of everyone who took time off of their busy schedules to assist me throughout the eagle project process.
                    spreading gravel on stairs installing new steps

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