Building a Higher Trail along Seasonal Wetlands
Henry Wong
Troop 273, Union City

My project was to build a new trail on higher grounds because of the old trail's problem with flooding. The newly built trail will allow people to continue walking around the entire place, instead of having to walk back around. My project also consisted of removing an eucalyptus tree branch and foreign ivy growing from the Fremont BART station. This reconstruction keeps the native habitat intact and allows for a safe trail.

before area would flood

removing dangerous limbs

I would like to thank Dr. Joyce Blueford for the opportunity to have this project. I would also like to thank all the volunteers who helped me. Ray Cooper, Ryan Cooper, Anthony Le, Vy Le, Kevin Ngo, Whitney Ngo, Sean Hannah, Hansen Wong, Josephine Wong, Mark Wong, Elliott Wang, John Ly, Ivan Hui, Myra Hui, Daniel Drake, Scott Kennard, Kadi Hui, Vikram, and Omkar.

helpers  finished product

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