Retaining wall along Ohlone Village area 

Tristan Nguyen
Troop 101 , Milpitas

For my Eagle Project, I led a small group of helpers to construct a 40-foot retaining wall using a combination of posts and planks. This retaining wall would stabilize the adjacent bank and make the area safer. We first got the materials to the work area and measured out where the holes would be. We then dug 1.5 foot holes every 8 feet so that we could put the posts in. After this, we drilled holes through each post and plank and lined all the lumber up into each hole. We used bolts, washers, and nuts to attach each plank to a post on each side. 
When we were satisfied with how the planks were attached, we began pouring concrete and water down each hole to secure the retaining wall. The wall was able to hold the bank in place when we were finished.

   finsished retaining wall  retaining wall

I had great support from my fellow scouts: Eric Lam, Jason Chung, and Jonathan Chung as well as my parents and uncles. I would like to thank Dr. Blueford for approving my project.

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