Retaining Wall on Inactive Fault Trail
Harrison Ching
Troop 153, Fremont

My project included building a retaining wall to patch up part of a trail and to landscape/put in plants in the area next to pond C. Originally, the southeast path to the back was heavily slanted which caused many falls and accidents as visitors tripped and fell. We cleaned out the area of non-native plants and planted two coffee berry bushes and an oak tree. The retaining wall was build with pressure treated lumber and redwood posts. We dug the 2 feet deep posts and secured the wall to the posts. Then we backfilled the path side with a mixture of dirt and chips, and landscaped the plant side with wood chips.

area before project

making the retaining wall

I would like to thank everybody who came to my work days or assisted me with the project. I also like to thank my parents for providing supervision and food for our volunteers. Through some rain and schedule changes, everybody worked hard and we succeeded. I would like to thank Alex Scott, Balint Forgo, Yue Shen Gu, Aneesh Nazar, Kevin Yeap, Stephen Hou, JJ Chok, Tim Steele, Nathan Cheng, Conner Whaley, and Maryanne Ching for helping me with my project. Also, I would like to give a big thanks to Hulbert Lumber in Newark for donating all my wood. They have great service and top quality lumber. Last but not least, I would like to thank Dr. Blueford for providing the opportunity for this project in addition to providing me with small tips and making sure everything was correct. Thank you all!

finishing touches on retaining wall

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