Retaining wall and stairs at Station 6
Clay Walker
Troop 125, Fremont

This is the list of steps we did. Three steps and brush were removed. Three two feet deep holes were dug for the posts. Quikrete, gravel, and water were poured into it after four by four posts were put into the hole. Two by twelve boards are attached to those posts using bolts, nuts, and washers. Two rows of weedblock were laid out directly in front of the retaining wall. The first row was stapled to the retaining wall with a staple gun. To make the retaining wall more secure, 2x4s were attached to the retaining wall with bolts. We then added gravel and bark to make the ground level from the bench to the wall.

getting poles ready

installing wall

Here is the list of people who helped me: Heather Walker, Brian Walker, Rob Walker, Michelle Cook, May Liu, Katrina Alisson, Aman Grevad, Jasmin Gonzalez, Nataliey Zaragoza, Craig Cooper, Govind Nainomi, Viet Nyguyen, Shrey Vasavada, Zaid Vellani, Pruthvi Innamurri, Jacob Grumm, Levi Grumm, Daniel Grumm, R.B Grumm,Traci Grumm,and Alex Macintyre.

                    putting wall together measuring location

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