Removing Blackberry Bushes to Create a Creek Observation Station for Children

Philip Tran
Troop 132, Fremont


My Eagle Project was to clear an area of blackberry bushes, which is about 1400 square feet, cover the area in wood chips, and then set a few log stumps to provide seats. This would be done in order to create a safe observation place for children. We used rakes and hedge clippers to cut the blackberry bushes that were above the surface. Once we cut them short, we used shovels to dig the blackberry bushes out. When all the roots were out, we would cover up the holes we made using the upturned dirt. After an area was cleared, we used wheelbarrows and laid down wood chips in a 3-inch layer to cover the area so that the blackberry bushes would not grow back. The blackberries that we cut, as well as any plant debris, were taken away using wheelbarrows to a site where the district would come to pick up and dispose of properly. We worked on the project for four days until it was completed.

Area before project during the summer

Clearing and chipping area

I would like Dr. Blueford for allowing me to do my Eagle Project at Tule Ponds and for the following friends, scouts, and family who helped me: Mr. Doug Young, Mr. Joe Tran, Miss Linda Huynh, Srihari Santhanam, Wayne Hsu, Brian Zhou, Jonathan Ho, Eric Hsu, Andrew Tran, Shelton Tso, Alex Wong, Stanford Liew, Rishi Malakar, Sean Young, Darien Young, and Jason Wang.

Making sure chips are 3 inches thick

The finished area

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