Removable of Blackberry to improve Habitat of Yellow-legged Frog
Stephen Jilbert
Troop 269, Fremont

The objective of my project was to remove blackberry bushes (and other un-native plants) from around the creek by the storm drain and to install a sign that gives a little information about the Yellow Legged Tree Frog.

Clearing the area of blackberries

 Brian Smith's Back Hoe
The biggest problem with my project was removing the blackberry. We originally tried cutting it down with a chainsaw. But since that resulted in only a safety hazard, I decided to call around until I found a close friends friend, Brian Smith, who owned his own back hoe business and decided to assist with the project. What would have taken several weekends to do took only an hour with Mr. Smith and his trusty backhoe. His help gave a huge relief both to myself and the my work party. Once all of the blackberry was removed, I had myself and the work party clean up the debris the following weekend so that the ground was pretty much clear of everything.

I then went on and focused on the sign. I bought the wood from Southern Lumber and they kindly gave me the metal bracket and the screws for free. I then assembled the sign with a small work party and sunk it in the ground.

I would like to thank all those who helped me on my Eagle project. I would not have been able to do it without them I would also like to extend my greatest thanks to Brian Smith who helped by donating the use of his back hoe on this project.

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