Retaining Wall on trail from Station 4 to Stairs
Rajendra Goudar
Troop 273, Fremont

During May in 2019, my troop and I built a 40 foot long retaining wall to restore an eroded walking trail that had been deteriorated by past rains. The trail itself was quite slanted which made it difficult to walk on for passerby. It would've certainly been easy for them to trip over and get injured. Through my Eagle project, that problem has been fixed, as the retaining wall will keep the trail intact and the wood chips across the trail will make it easy to walk on. There was much hard work involved; we had to clean up the area around the trail to get rid of the shrubs and plants where the wall was to be built, dig holes wide enough to place the wall's posts in, and assemble the retaining wall itself, piece by piece. 

start of project,  clearning vegetation making holes for retaining wall
This project wouldn't have been possible without the help of many fellow scouts including Jeffrey Davis, Ansh Luthra, Aarnav Rao, Scott Suplick, Casey Avila, Jean-Luc Herrrera, and Udhav Sharma. The adults who helped were Alan Avila, Jagath Junutula, Cheryl Davis, Geoffry Brown, Gary Suplick, my father, and my mother.
                    cementing in posts for layering chips for a great walking path


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