Clearing Area and Building a Retaining Wall to increase Teaching area
Theodore Fong
Troop 111, Fremont

My project was to expand the area around the Gazebo at Tule Ponds. The area could safely hold approximately 10 students safely, when I first arrived. My team removed the vegetation around the gazebo so it could safely hold approximately 40 students now. Furthermore, we removed the roots for any tripping hazards and put pulp over the soil to help cover the mud. Finally, we established a retaining wall to prevent the bank from eroding into the lake. Overall it was a lot of fun.

Finished product from the south

From the north

I want to give a special shout out to Ankur Dhar for helping lead my project. I also want to thank Mr. Merl Nygren. He helped motivate me to finish my project when I kept trying to postpone it to a later day. Also I'd like to thank all of the people who helped my Eagle Scout Project which includes Ankur Dhar, Stuart Rosete, Alex Lim, Mihir Jain, Scott Dentinger, Paul Chen, Andy Mueller, Ronak Modi, Arthur Ho, Jeffrey Liu, Stefan Wooding, Christian, Otis Lee, Adam Schaps, Mrs. Schaps, and Dr. Nanavati. I'd also like to thank my family for their love and support through my trial to finishing my project.

  working crew view of the lake

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