Stairs to Tyson Lagoon at Station 4

David Ostler
Troop 106, Fremont

My project was to clear out an area on a slope by Station 4 and install railroad ties to be stairs down to the water’s edge. Now that the stairs have been built and “tested” it will allow for future eagle projects taking place by the water’s edge and safer trips for young children on field trips.

Area before looking upwards

Area before looking at lake

            A huge thanks to my great friends willing to come out even on the hottest days whether or not it had to do with the promise of pizza: Andrew Clark, Kekoa Wu, Tyler Ocon, Henry Ocon, Craig Perry, Ken Perry, Ryan Madsen, Paul Stout, Andrew Wheeler, Johnny Poole, Howard Moffit, and Wayne. I would also like to thank Mr. Mahoney at union Pacific for both donating and delivering the railroad ties.  I’d especially like to thank my dad for getting me to finish this project as efficiently and painlessly as possible. And finally, many thanks to Dr. Blueford for running such a fantastic place for volunteers, scouts, and children.

Clearing area for steps

Making steps to put railroad ties

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