Extending Sidewalk in back of Building
Michael Hahn
Troop 103, Fremont

To begin my project, I had one adult rototill the project site pad. Then, a day later , we excavated 4 of dirt from the site pad depositing it over the retaining wall onto the slope below so we could reuse it later. After that, we shoveled base rock into wheelbarrows and transported the wheel barrels from the parking lot to the project site pad and spread the base rock that was dumped from the wheelbarrows. Then, I had one adult level & tamp the site pad with a plate tamper. We then transported mulch from the site parking lot to the site slope, distributed & mixed the mulch with the discarded dirt from day 1. On day 2, we dug out terraces and shoveled the mulch into them. After that, we shoveled the decomposed granite onto the site pad and tamped it again with the plate tamper. After, I had one adult use the hardener to harden the granite into a path.

area before

clearing area

I would like to give a special thanks to scouts: Arnau Arora,Archit Arora, Kunal Munshani, Kyle Muldoon, Josh Jeremiah, Karter Delang, friends & family: Alex Nguyen-Le, Michael Brooks, Jasmin Iqbal, Ishmael Iqbal, Madeline Hahn, Sultan Iqbal, Natalie Iqbal, Michael S. Hahn, Robin Hahn, Brandon Gordon, Michael Young, leaders: Doug Brown, Amit Arora, Shanker Munshani, Peter Delang, and Konnor Delang for helping out at my project. I would also like to thank Mr. Brown for being my Eagle advisor and Mrs. Tipton-King for helping me as my coach on the project and for taking the time to give me advice and feedback. I would like to thank Mr. Nygren for his guidance through the process.

 Would also like to thank the following people and companies for helping to fund the project: Cresco Equipment Rentals (Kevin Gose), offered unlimited use of heavy duty equipment rentals at no cost; M&M Cooling Company LP ($400);  Mc Ivors Ace Hardware; and Tri-City Rock.

area before finished area

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