Building Stairs and Landscaping near Station 1
Justin Rawlin
Troop 103, Fremont

For my Eagle Project, I led a group of volunteers to build a stairway and landscape the area at Station 1. We pulled up weeds and grasses before covering the area with wood chips and planting a few bushes. The stairs were made to go between the two trails near the station. The goal of the project was to provide a way between the trails and to make the station look nicer.
finishing touches on stairs planting coffeeberry shrubs
I had many volunteers to work on my project, including scouts from my troop. In total, 111 hours were spent working on the project. The people who worked on my project are: Mikey Parissenti, Rich Ravizza, Dave Mack,  Alex Makk, Mark Rawlin, Lunette Rawlin, David Mack, Karter Delang, Jackson Ravizza, Ed Prophet,  Janis Tipton-King, Brad Windsor, John Wang, Doug Hershberger, Lauren Rawlin, Chris Mclaughlin,  Louis Leng, and Sharon Ravizza.


laying down 3 inches of chips

installing stairs

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