Improving trail and installing stairs near Bridge in Pond C
Patric Ho
Troop 124, Fremont

My eagle project was to rehabilitate a 51 feet long trail, 11 feet which involved the installation of a small natural staircase. Before we started the project, we had to clear some trees and small plants that were blocking the trail.

We then began shoveling wood chips onto a wheel barrel and moving it across the bridge to trail. I successfully elevated and widened the trail by adding 4 inch layer of wood chips over it.

Then, I built a small staircase down a small incline. I used 7 flat logs, all about 6 inches thick, to build the steps. We dug small holes in the ground, placed the logs inside, and then filled them up,


putting down wood chips

I would like to thank Dr. Blueford for giving me the opportunity of doing this project and helping me throughout the whole project. I would also like to thank Every Time Trees for supplying the wood chips and logs that were used in the project.

I would like to thank the following volunteers for helping me on this project: Brian Hsu, Jefferey Hsu, Christopher Lin, Kelvin Chou, Samuel Chiang, Daniel Chen, Vineet Ukhalkar, Hamza Shaikh, Misbah Husain, Richard Cao, Christine Ho, Ashley Hui, and Kevin Sit.

I would especially like to thank my mom for supplying us with food and water, and my dad, who not only helped, but also gave us a few pointers and tips.

  getting the steps ready moving chips

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