Retaining Wall near
BART Entrance

Pranav Kumar
Troop 125, Fremont

         For my Eagle Project, I had to organize the building of a retaining wall, split into two workdays. On day one, the main objective was to fix the retaining wall into the ground. The first steps were to get the materials and supplies in one place, clear the workspace and start digging holes. After this, the scouts assembled the retaining wall (attached the posts to the planks), measured where the holes were to be dug, and finally, two adults dug the holes. Once the holes were dug, the scouts leveled the retaining wall, adjusting the amount of gravel, Quickrete, etc. to be put and finally fixed the retaining wall into the ground with the help of Quickrete. Due to the unevenness of the ground, we ran into an issue where one of the measurements was 4 inches off. We resolved this issue by cutting four inches off one of the planks. On the second workday, the main objective was to completely level the trail off. The scouts started off by getting the materials and supplies and filling in the gaps between the wall and the ground with small twigs and gravel. Afterward, they layered the trail with two layers of mulch until the trail was leveled.

   area before starting making holes for retaining wall
We had an excellent turnout and great support from many adults and scouts. We had a total of 13 adults helping, including adults from Troop 125, Troop 111, neighbors/family friends and 21 youth, including scouts from Troop 125, Troop 111, Troop 169 and neighbors/family friends. The adults helped a lot with the digging of holes using the two-man auger. I got great guidance in selecting the materials and supplies from an employee at Golden State Lumber and Cresco Equipment Rentals kindly let us rent all their equipment for free.
                    spreading wood chips finished retainer with  view of Tyson Lagoon


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