Landscaping near first Bridge

Bhargav Teja Cherukuri,
Troop 154, Fremont


My Eagle Project was to prevent soil erosion at Tule Ponds by landscaping the area. This involved leveling out the area and planting vegetation on the leveled out area and near the banks of the stream. The current area of the project has a slope which needs to be filled. My plan is to dig up dirt from an area near my project site and transport the dirt using wheelbarrows. Furthermore, the vegetation that I planted was either found at Tule ponds or provided by Dr.Blueford. The vegetation consisted of poppies, a baby oak tree, and sedges. The vegetation will be used for decorative purposes and the prevention of soil erosion in the area.

   area before starting filling in dirt
I would like to thank all the helpers that came on short notice to help me with my project. Without them I wouldn’t have been able to finish my project. The list of helpers include Chaojie Ma, Bikram Bain, Andrew Sanchez, Ashwin Manivannan, Kaushal Vaddadhi, and Abhiram Godavarthi.


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