Landscaping behind Educational Building with Poppies

Luan Ngo
Troop 103, Fremont

I am working on clearing out an area of approximately 1500 square feet where I will be building terraces for preparations to plant poppy seeds.

start of project downslope toward Pond C

        This project enhances the view of the Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon from the windows in the Lab Center (in the past the view was of little more than dead flora punctuated by healthy invasive weeds)

        The results acts to re-introduce to the wetlands a more natural landscape by way of the beautiful indigenous California Golden Poppy and one or two more native species.

        By terracing the slope that leads into the wetlands, dirt will be prevented from sliding off into the wetlands. This allows indigenous plants to grow in the dirt rather than invasive weeds; therefore, we preserve the natural beauty of the area.

Volunteers after clearing the back slope finished terrace along the back of building

A retaining wall will be built upon the slope to prevent dirt from sliding off. Posts will be put in the slope where a concrete filling will be used to keep it firm. Afterwards, wooden planks will attach to the posts.

 Thanks to the following helpers who helped me finish the project:

Home Depot, Tri City Rock, Golden Lumber 

Volunteer workers: Jerry Truong; Jeff Nguyen; Victor Van; Kevin Duong; Vincent Nguyen; Lan Phung; Derek Buckley; Alan Nguyen; Phi Pham; Salman Quasim; Yu-Suan Lin; John Sun; Jared Reis; Brenden Penington;

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