Designing Planter on Steep Slope in South Butterfly Meadow

Sattvik Kurani,
Troop 176, Fremont


My eagle project was building two planter boxes at Butterfly Meadow in Tule Ponds. I started off with getting my project proposal approved by you and my troop. Afterwards, I bought all my materials (pressure treated wood, screws) and gathered them at Tule Ponds. Other materials such as shovels, post diggers, rakes, and soil were provided by Tule Ponds. On the first day, I cleared out the worksite by removing tree roots, branches, and trimming some shrubbery. On the second and final day, we dug out the trenches for the planter boxes, assembled them before installing them, and then we installed them into the trenches that were dug. At this point, all that was left was filling up the planter boxes with soil and the plant which was done by my parents and myself on a separate day. 

   area before starting clearning area on slope

I received a lot of help on this project and would not have been able to do it without them. Dr. Blueford helped me a lot with the materials and what type of wood I should buy and how the whole process should go. My parents and my scoutmaster Mr. Rommel helped me out a lot with the decision making process. On day 1 of the eagle project workday, Shan, Chris, Dominic, and myself were the scouts present; Adults that were present were my dad and Mr. Rommel. On the second day, Ranvir, Kabir, Dominic, Khang, and myself were the scouts present; Adults that were present were my dad, Mr. Xavier, and Mr. Thappar. 
                                                           digging holes finished  planters


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