Retaining Wall to prevent erosion on BART Trail

Anirudh Valiveru
Troop 153 , Fremont

My Eagle project was a 40-foot long, 1-foot high retaining wall that I built near Station 6. First, we removed some small trees and bushes that were in the way. Afterward, we dug 6 equally spaced post holes using the post hole digger, allowing us to place our posts inside. In order to stabilize the posts, we used rocks from the surrounding area as support and poured Quikrete into the post holes. After that, we bolted on the planks and returned the next day to add wood-chips to the trail that had the retaining wall.

clearing vegetation digging holes to secure retaining wall
 I would like to thank Mr. Hancock and Mr. Hertel, two of the Scoutmasters in my Troop, as well as Dr. Blueford for helping me greatly through this process of planning and preparing my project. I would also like to thank all of the volunteers that helped me to carry out my project. Without them, This project wouldn't have been able to happen.
                      mixing cement for posts pmoving chips for trail

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