Landscaping with Stairs near Canopy  

Adithya Vasudev
Troop 199, Fremont


My Eagle Project was to fully clean-up and landscape a 1500 square foot area located in between Stations 3 and 4 and add stairs to make it useable for field trips. We first fully cleaned up the site of all of the scattered and overgrown weeds and cut down all of the non-native plants. We then completely leveled the area, making it entirely even and smooth, and then cut out a path to craft a walkway, which we would later level out to create and insert stairs. Finally, we created two small terraces, planted California-native plants in them, and scattered wood-chips around the stairs and plants to prevent rainwater run-off.


Thanks to all of the volunteers that helped me throughout the course of the project. My neighbourhood friends (Ishika Kolluru, Keya Bhaskar, Nisha, Aarohi, Rohan Rajesh, Sushruth Booma) and adults (Vineeta Kolluru, Rajesh Baskar). T199 Boy Scouts (Arnav Aggarwal, Romil Bhatt, Nikhil Dewitt, Krishiv Aggarwal, Ocean Arya, Ved Patel, Harshil Shah, Mihir Acharya).  Last but not the least my family members: my sister Anushka Vasudev, my parents, and grandparents who also pitched in and gave a helping hand.


removing weeds clearing area
making stairs planting shrubs

I would also to thank my Project Coach Mr. Allen, and the Scoutmaster of Troop 199 Mr. Matthew Clayson for helping me to plan out the project successfully. Finally, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Blueford for giving me the opportunity at Tule Ponds and constantly guiding me throughout the project.

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