Designing and Installing Sign to Make Public Aware of  Trash Problem

Ryan Muldoon
Troop 103, Fremont


My Project had two separate objectives. The first of which will be constructing a sign for the Tule Ponds. The current location is overshadowed by the prominent BART Station and most of the local commuters are unaware of its existence. The sign that will be constructed will help increase awareness of the Tule Ponds. The second function of my project will be to allow the placement of trash and recycling receptacles. The City of Fremont is funding the placement of Solar Powered Trash Compactors. Somewhere in the future these will be placed adjacent to my sign. In addition to constructing the sign I will also be landscaping the area outside the ponds. This will involve removing invasive plants and weeds, removing the copious amounts of trash and laying down a layer of redwood chips. Together these two projects work in unison with each other, by increasing awareness of the Tule Ponds and by simultaneously providing trash cans, we hope commuters will be more conscientious about their waste. If the workers at the Tule Ponds can worry less about the trash filtering in, they can spend more time educating the public and expanding their program. 

Ryan Muldoon routing the sign

I would like to thank all those responsible for this projects success. To Dr Blueford who allowed me to work on this project. To all my volunteers that gave me countless hours of there time and are ultimately the reason I succeeded. To all my advisors and coaches along the way, including Mr. Brown, my father, my mother, Mr. Androwsky, Mrs. Tipton-King, Mr. Fahl, Mr. Howard, as well as the gentlemen at Hulbert Lumber and Home Depot for their sage advice and helpful suggestions. This project is as much theirs as it is mine.

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