Installing larger Pond under Walnut Ave Pergola 

Jean-Luc Herrera
Troop , Fremont

For my Eagle Project which took place on July 17th and 18th 2020, we were to replace a leaking pond liner in the front of Tule Ponds with a significantly larger liner, also to repaint the existing pergola and replace a large succulent with a mulberry tree. On Day one we removed the 20 year old liner that proved to be much more difficult than we thought. Before this though we had to
remove the existing plants so that they could be transferred to the new pond when installed. We spent 5 hours removing and beginning to dig a larger hole for the new liner. On Day 2 we broke down into 2 groups. Group 1 was in charge of finishing digging the rest of the hole for the pond and group 2 was in charge of cutting down the succulent and getting rid of the roots to then replace it with a mulberry tree. The adults were able to enhance the surrounding area making the site look much more inviting by doing some extra cleanup. Once the hole was dug out and the succulent was removed we then planted the mulberry tree. After, we went on to paint the pergola. The pergola took longer than expected to paint as the structure was very high and there were many small slats to cover. Once the pergola was painted we were able to move on to the final part of the project, putting in the new liner. We were assisted by Dr. Blueford in the proper placement of the pond to ensure no fixes would have to be made later on. The day started at 8:45 am and ended up finishing at 7:45 pm.

   removing the tules removing the old plastic pond lining

I want to thank Ayush Patel, Noah Ricketts, Akhil Satti, Samay Sharma, Mr. Eraiah, Mrs. Fry, and Ms. Herrera for helping me with my project. A big thank you to my patrol mates Scott Suplick and Douglas Fry who each put in 16 hours on my project and staying till the very end. Also thank you to Art Williams for being there and aiding me with any questions I had. I especially want to thank
Dr. Blueford who made this whole project possible during Covid-19 and giving us guidance on how to properly position the pond. I hope that many school children get to enjoy the area for years to come. Iím really happy this was my Eagle project and that I was able to work on it with such great people.
                    painting the pergola landscaping area


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