Safety Steps to Creek Bed
Grant Ewing
Troop 102, Fremont

My project was to build a path composing of series of steps down to a small pond between station #5 and #6. My project not only provided safe access down to, and across the pond but also created a safe and close vantage point in which to observe the ecosystem and creatures in the pond. Between the water bugs, small fish, crawdads, a host of plants and the endangered species: the Yellow Legged Frog, this makes for a pretty interesting and educational site for a small body of water. Along with the building of steps we landscaped the surrounding area by evening out the soil, transplanting aquatic plants, and laying down a layer of woodchips.

before project

clearing vegetation

I would first of all like to thank my Mother and Father: My Father, for being my right hand man throughout the entirety of the project and my road to Eagle, and giving me good advice and counsel; My Mother, for driving and providing snacks and drinks. I also would like to thank my awesome team Leaders: Parker Stevens, Isaac Butterfield, and Marco Zambrana. Along with my diligent workers: David Kodur, Chris Colvin, and John-Marc Eshelman.

 I would also like to give out a special thanks to Dr. Blueford, for providing me with this project, and her outstanding service at the Tule Ponds at the Tyson Lagoon. 

making the stairs  planting horsetails the frogs are now happy

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