Building a Double Decker Retaining Wall behind Classroom 

 Sparsh Bansai,
Troop 152, Fremont

My Eagle projectís goal was to support the soil behind the main building to stop the concrete from being exposed and cracking. A retention wall existed before but had shifted considerable over time, and not usable anymore. My project was to replace the old retention walls near the exposed concrete and support it with a double decker retention wall, one smaller retention wall near the concrete, and build a longer wall near the bottom of the slope below the corner wall to support the soil around it and prevent it from loosening. We accomplished this by removing the old wall, getting lumber cut to size from Home Depot, using a earth auger from Cresco Equipment Rental to dig out all the post holes, drilling holes and using lag screws and bolts to assemble both walls, securing then to the ground with concrete, fixing up gaps, and finally filling up the top with mulch.        

   area before starting removing previous retaining wall
This project would not be possible without all the help from my parents and my Troop. My troop leaders, Life to Eagle coordinator, and Project Coach were instrumental in finding and helping to fix any flaws in my plans. I had lots of help from scouts in assembling the walls, even in the rain, and the adults for working with the earth auger. Cresco, Home Depot, and Tule Ponds both gave discounts and funds which allowed me to execute my project. Finally, I would like to thank Dr. Blueford and Mr. Williams for all their help and contributions throughout my project.
                    top retaining wall bottom retaining wall


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