Creating Location Sign facing BART Station
Brett Breitzman
Troop 132, Fremont

For my Eagle Project, I led a group of scouts to build a sign for the Tule Ponds and restore a path that needed repair.  The Tule Ponds used to have only two signs and both could not be seen from BART.  The purpose of my project was to let people on BART know what the Tule Ponds are and why it is there.  In addition to installing the 8 foot tall, 7 foot wide sign, we made a retaining wall out of logs and stakes.  Logs were placed along the edge of the path and then they were staked into the ground so that they could not roll down the hill.  Before, this path was was eroding and dirt was falling down the hill.  So I put down fresh mulch and wood chips on the path after the retaining wall was placed. 

making the sign

digging the holes

I must say that I could not have done this project without the help of the members of Troop 132, including Alex Rich, Darien Young, Michael Dutton, Ishan Gupta, Connor Fiatal, Mohit Jam, Yash Verma, Saahil Patel, and Akhil Dua.  Also I would like to thank Hulbert Lumber Co. for donating all of my supplies and materials; and special thanks to my parents and Mr. Young, from Troop 132, for assisting me in the planning process.  Most of all, thanks to Dr. Blueford for giving me this opportunity. 

digging the holes


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