Fremont Earthquake Exhibit Walk
 joint project:  Math Science Nucleus, City of Fremont, U.S. Geological Survey,       California Geological Survey

Walk on the Hayward Fault
in Central Park, Fremont
Fremont Community Center (start)(back of building facing lake)
40204 Paseo Padre Parkway
Fremont, CA 94538

The Hayward Fault is an offset of the San Andreas Fault system that dominates the landforms of eastern San Francisco Bay.  The relative motion between the North American Plate  (southeast) and the Pacific Plate  (northwest) create stress that releases energy as earthquakes. This slip slide motion is called a transform fault.  The Hayward Fault is within the San Andreas Fault  Boundary Zone between the North American Plate and the Pacific Plate.  The Hayward fault is one of only a few dozen faults in the world that “creeps,” or slowly moves.  Evidence of creep can be found from Pt. Pinole in the north to south Fremont.


The movement causes features to be created because of the stress.  Materials such as concrete, asphalt, and wood react differently.  Cracks created by this type of stress have a unique pattern.


The Hayward Fault Walk in Central Park highlights different fault features:


Click on the features above and learn more about each area.  PDF show the actual sign.  If you visit the area you can see the features.  If you are taking a field trip with your students or with your family, you might want to download file on activities you can do at the 6 sites.  Print it out ,bring a clipboard and pencil and students are ready to go!


The California Earthquake Authority (CEA) is a not-for-profit, privately funded, publicly managed organization that provides residential earthquake insurance and encourages sells Californians to reduce their risk of earthquake lost.  Learn more at 

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