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The Math Science Nucleus in conjunction with CalNurCo (California Nursery Company Legacy Council) and the City of Fremont is exploring Fremont's long history in the nursery business. We have started an active native nursery for restoration projects in the East Bay on the former wholesale Nursery site.

We have also begun to work with the Roeding family to catalogue and archive their nursery artifacts, so that one day the history of this amazing family, nursery, and their contribution to horticulture can be viewed by all.

Historical photos, letters, journals, artifacts, and videos have been uncovered that will bring this history back to life.  California Nursery Company Legacy Council is sharing their materials to create a history on the web that educate and inspire children and adults alike. 

You will learn about Jose de Jesus Vallejo, Jonas Clark, John Rock,  William Landers, Luther Burbank, Johannes and Federick Reimers, and the famous Roeding Family that influenced the history of agriculture in this state.  This is a history that has been hidden, but will soon become available to the general public. This website will help share the history as we verify and post the information.  

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