California Nursery Historical Park
California Nursery Company Legacy Council

The California Nursery Company Legacy Council (CalNurCo) is a group of concerned citizens to help preserve the history of the California Nursery and its long history to not only Fremont but the west coast.  It was important in agriculture and horticulture in the 1880's - 1970's. 

Bruce Roeding is President and grandson to Charles C. Roeding Sr, who purchased California Nursery from William Landers in 1917.  He and his group are dedicated to display and archive the unbelievable documentation of this important institution.   Mr. Roeding still maintains a small mail order business, making California Nursery Company the oldest nursery in the west.

For more information on their website of California Nursery, click here.  Math Science Nucleus is working with CalNurCo to restore the area to a park that teaches children and the public about the history from the Native Americans to present.



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