California Nursery Historical Park

Structures  with Historical Significance
Vallejo Adobe
Built in the 1830's on the Rancho Arroyo de la Alameda that was governed by Jose de Jesus Vallejo was the elder brother of General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo.  This adobe was used to house flour and some of the workers in his flour mill which was on Alameda Creek.  It was renovated in 1930's by George C. Roeding Jr. who used it as a way to make customers relax with tea, as they purchased their nursery products. (more)
California Nursery Office
Built in 1907, remodeled in 1940
The business in the early 1900's expanded and after the 1906 earthquake many of the buildings were damaged.  William Landers had this nursery office as they expanded to other parts of the state including Sacramento and Los Angeles.  It is now the site of the CalNurCo archives and we hope to make it available as a history museum. (more)
President's Cottage
Built in 1907 as an office/home for owner William Landers who lived in San Francisco.  We suspect that it was designed by Bernard Maybeck because of the design and look of the Arts and Craft movement in California architecture.  Detailed summary from Maybeck's daughter reveals it may be a quick project he did after the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. We are hoping to have this turn into an archival storage area.  (more)
The Garden Store
The introduction of retail sales at the California Nursery in the 1920s, and the overall shift in business from wholesale to retail in 1927 brought with it the need for new retail facilities.  In 1933 the new store was introduced.  Unfortunately this building was torn down because of disrepair. (more)
Packing Shed
Build in 1890 it still has original wood.  Tracks from when they would move products to horse carriage are still intact inside.  Tin roof was replaced in the 1950's.  Was used to storage products before they would go to market.  (more)
Ladies Changing Room
This building was built around 1910 and was used during the annual Bulb Show for girls to change into their Dutch and Mexican costumes. The Bulb Show attracted people from throughout the San Francisco area from the 1930s through the early 1960s, with as many as 5000 attending on weekends from mid-March to mid-April. (more)
Water Tower
This structure is what remains of a support for a gravity flow auxiliary holding tank, part of a distribution system used for watering container plants. This system was replaced with pumps when they became available in the 1940s. The wooden foundation remains and is covered with a white Lady Banks roses. (more)

Roeding Family Home
This house was built in the early 1900's and was home first to one of the CNC employees.  When George Roeding Sr purchased the property this became George Roeding Jr's family house.  His wife Francis and their 4 children, Bruce, George III,  Gerry, and Diane lived here growing up.  Bruce Roeding still resides in the house.


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