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 Field Trip Selection (details and cost below grid) Instructors are fully vaccinated
Grade Title Ca/NGSS Correlation
Recommended Grade
PreK (4/5) Ice Age N/A
PreK (4/5) D is for Dinosaur N/A
PreK (4/5) -1 Ocean Critters with Shells  click (K,1)
K-6 Fossils*

click (1st, 3rd, 4th)

K-4 Dino Magic*

click  (2nd, 3rd)

1-5 Seaching the Universe

click  (1st, 5th)

2-6 Solar System and Beyond  click
2-5 Elements, Minerals, and Rocks


4-6 Volcanoes  click (4th, 6th)
1-4 Physics of Toys

click (1st)

3-6 Electricity

click (4th)

1-5 Light Magic

click  (1st)

K-3 Magnetism 


1-3 Carnivores and Herbivores


3-5 Bones - Present and Prehistoric click
2-6 Ocean Life - Present and Past click
Math Science Nucleus includes the Children's Natural History Museum  as well as 2 Discovery Classrooms and Museum Shop (which students can purchase items after field trip). All presentations are leveled to the specific grade, activities will vary. Programs are taught by scientists or engineers.  Want to look at the presentation that we offer, which includes 3 hands-on activities. (click here)
PRE SCHOOL (4/5 years old) 
These series of classes can be used just for the little ones or with parent participation.
1.5 hours limited to 20 students and  adults (over 20 students add $5.00 per student with a limit of 3 extra children), over 4 adults add $5 per adult) ($200.00 base price).  Special arrangement can be made for multiple classes up to 60 children.   

Ice Age Fossils (PRE-K - 4-5 yr olds) Students search for Ice Age fossils and use numbers to count what they have sorted.  They earn a Shark necklace.  They decorate  a Safari Hat and then look for fossils in the Children’s Natural History Museum. Mammoth Mary and other fossils of Fremont come to life!   

D is for Dinosaur (PRE-K - 4-5 yr olds) Students look at different dinosaur model and try and learn characteristics.  They learn about the Hadrasaurs and how they laid their eggs as well as make their own nest and egg, which they take home.  The compare tracks and trails created by dinosaurs and go up to museum to look at real dinosaur fossils.
Ocean Critters with Shells (K/PreK - 1)Students look at shells and learn how to sort and classify them.   Students will make a shell bracelet.  They will sort different types of shells.  They will look at shells from India, and then look at the shells of San Francisco Bay.
EARTH SCIENCES (K-6)    $195 base price ($5.00 per extra child over 30) chaperones free

 Fossils (1-6)* Students learn the different animals that lived in the Fremont area during the Pleistocene including mammoths and sabertooth cats.  They will go on a scavenger hunt in the  Museum.  They will compare the present with the past.  Learn about fossil excavations by sorting through fossils and receive a fossil shark tooth.  They go on a scavenger hunt of the museum looking for items in each hall.  You may download activities to help guide students.Classes are leveled to the specific grade. Limit: 1 class 30, 2 classes 60 students

Dino Magic (K-4)* Students enter a land of dinosaurs, as they observe skin prints, tracks, and fossils. Hands-on activities include comparing models and real dinosaur bones.  Quick tour of Natural History Museum allows children to compare Fremont fossils with dinosaurs.  Gift:  Dinosaur gift  Classes are leveled to the specific grade.  Limit: 1 class 30, 2 classes 60 students

Searching the Universe (1-5) We all look at the stars and wonder "What is up there?" Students make their own star (superball) and compare the stars by the heat they generate.  Students go into the Miller Stardome and learn to recognize constellations and learn the myths behind them.  Classes are leveled to the specific grade.  Limit: 1 class 30, 2 classes 60 students

Solar System and Beyond (1-5) *  Understanding how humans learned about the Solar System is a fasination look into how science progresses.  We look at the rotation/revolution of the Solar System including the Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud.  Students compare Earth and space rocks and how the phases of the Moon are created  They make a book mark with original paper from the 1967 Apollo Moon Mission.  Limit: 1 class of 30 children.

Elements, Minerals and Rocks (2-5)* Students will learn that elements make up minerals; minerals make up rocks; and the three different environments where rocks are formed. Through hands-on activities students will learn about igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks.  Class is customized to grade and include a rock/mineral make and take.  Classes are leveled to the specific grade Limit: 1 class 30, 2 classes 60 students

Volcanoes (4-6) Look at rocks produced by volcanoes from around the world?  Students will be able to distinguish volcanic and plutonic rocks by learning different characteristics.  They will determine the clues and act as a geologist to determine how the rocks were formed.   Limit: 1 class 30, 2 classes 60 students
PHYSICAL SCIENCE      $195 base price ($5.00 per extra child over 30) chaperones free

 Physics of Toys (1-4)Students learn basic principles of gravity, electromagnetism, and mechanics.  They will be entertained with toys through history.  Activities include working with various toys and will be asked to  design and make their own  toy. Limit: 1 class 30, 2 classes 60 students

Light Magic (1-5) Can you change the way that light moves?  What is a hologram?  How is light made of different colors? Students will bounce light off mirrors, and learn about optical illusions.    Students experience the power of lasers.   Limit: 1 class 30, 2 classes 60 students
Electricity (3-6) Students are electrified with static and current electricity. They learn the difference between series and parallel circuits.  Students can see first hand how this form of energy charges the world.  Classes are leveled to the specific grade. Limit: 1 class 30, 2 classes 60 students

Magnetism (K-5) *Students look at magnets and learn their properties.  They look at various magnets.  They all make their own ‘Hairy Monster,” made from magnetite. Limit: 1 class 30, 2 classes 60 students

LIFE SCIENCE/PALEONTOLOGY    $195 base price ($5.00 per extra child over 30) chaperones free

Carnivores and Herbivores (K-3)* Students   compare the different teeth of different animals and classify them into herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores.  They compare them with fossil herbivores and carnivores to compare and contrast.  A tour of museum is included Limit: 1 class 30, 2 classes 60 students

Bones - Present and Prehistoric (3-5) Students will learn about the major bones in their body by exploring several hands on lessons with bones.  They will compare and contrast their own body to specimens. They will look at fossil bones and try to determine their location on the animal.  Students will learn the importance of bones and how they are made.  A tour of museum is included. Limit: 1 class 30, 2 classes 60 students

Ocean Life - Present and Past (2-6)  Students look at animals without backbones (invertebrates).  They learn how we sort  and classify shells produced by invertebrates.  They will learn the the key characteristics that identify the invertebrates by looking at the different phylums.   Then they will look at fossil shells, many from the San Francisco bay area, and learn what it means to find them in rocks.  A tour of museum included.      Limit: 1 class,   32 students

Cost: $195.00 up to 30 children
we can accommodate 2 classes at a time (add 15-20 minutes)
For groups of 60 or more 
-  $5.00 per student (call for more information)

Field trips are 1 1/2 hours (large groups 2 hours).  We no longer provide a snack because of covid restrictions   Each presentation usually includes 3 hands-on activities, with the exception of large groups.  Lessons are customized to grade level. Outside patio available for lunch with advance notice. Classes that visit the museum are denoted with an asterisk *.  Science Standard correlation scroll down after class description.
Check online calendar for available dates.
Students may also visit the museum shop, but teacher should add another 15 minutes to their trip.  Many small items are under $1.00.

 Group Tours of Children's Natural History Museum
(ideal for scouts, adult groups, families, special needs)

 Explore a world of  fossils from long ago including those from the Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic.  Walk to more modern times with fossils of  mammoths, sabertooth cats, sloths, camels, and other large mammals.  Discover modern day animals through their bones.  Visit the Boy Paleontologist room to see how they discovered the fossils in Fremont in the 1940’s. View the Minerals and Rocks, Hall of Small Wonders and Tools of Early Humans.  Hands-on activities for small groups are located throughout the museum. 

COVID PRICES:  $300.00 (including adults). Limit of 30 people. May include a complete tour of the museum and the connection of the different displays, 30 minute lecture on the Ice Age fossils; scavenger hunt with a prize  (children only). Different options can be created depending on your group.  About 1.5 to 2  hours  (subjects may change with different exhibits).  Activities upstairs and downstairs.

 Tours can be scheduled depending on availability (including weekends).

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Presentations are at  4074 Eggers Drive.
Suggested times for field trips are 9:30-11:00 or 12:30-2:00, Monday-Friday. 
We accept Purchase Order, Check, or Cash.  We will invoice prior and you can pay through your school.

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