Water Filtration

Lab Sheet

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Purpose: To observe how impurities are filtered out of water.

water filtration bottles
pie tins
250 ml graduated cylinder
polluted water

Measure 250 ml of polluted water and pour into each bottle.
Observe the water that flows out of the bottles for cleanliness.
Record observations below using the key provided.

make a chart with three columns and two rows
0         not clean
+        pollutants very apparent
++      pollutants somewhat apparent
+++    pollutants barely apparent
++++  no pollutants visible
Bottle #1 Bottle #2 Bottle #3

Answer the following questions based on your results.

  1. Which bottle cleaned the water the best?
  2. What would be the best material(s) to line the bottom of settling ponds with in order to clean the water?

4-6 Watershed Curriculum

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