4th - 6th Grade Curriculum
designed by Joy Lopez, Holy Spirit School

When water flows, it doesn't care about county or city lines. It follows a path of least resistance, to its final destination, the San Francisco Bay.     Urban creeks in the San Francisco Bay area have been modified to help cities grow. They have been lined with cement and sometimes buried through pipes to create flood control channels during storms. Movement of water throughout our city is not obvious anymore. Without understanding the importance, people inadvertently pollute.

Curriculum Philosophy:

Maintaining clean water within a watershed is of concern to everyone. Through the education of the young people, the greater community will become aware of our direct impact on the San Francisco Bay's environmental health. By including students in the researching and gathering of data on the health of our creeks, the overall health of the watershed can be monitored.

As part of the collaborative effort to educate the community about Fremont's watershed and the human caused affects to the watershed, the Math/Science Nucleus has developed curriculum to assist the teacher. This curriculum is appropriate for grades 4-6. The first three lessons can be taught in the classroom. The fourth lesson takes place at Tyson Lagoon. The fifth lesson is a follow-up lesson. Even if you can't visit the Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon,  the other lessons may still be used with excellent results.


The Water Cycle

Watersheds in the San Francisco Bay

The Effects of Water Pollution on Plants

Field Trip to Tule Pond and Tyson's Lagoon

Follow-up Lessons to Field Trip