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1mmbr 1 year membership
ScienceDay Science Day Aug 25, Friday (12:30-3:30)
canursery California Nursery Historical Park Donation
adult Adult - Science Day August 25, Friday
doris Doris Raia Children's Fund
field Field Trip 1
field02 Field Trip2
5mmbr Five Year Membership
M-16B M-16B Comparing Energy Oct. 24, Sat. 1-3 P.M. CNHM
M-18B M-18B Machines and Mechanisms Nov. 07, Sat. 1-3 P.M. CNHM
M-19B M-19B Exploring Technology Nov. 14, Sat. 1-3 P.M. CNHM
M-20B M-20B Stars and Constellations Nov. 21, Sat. 1-3 P.M. CNHM
Mammoth Mammoth Celebration
MammothAdult MammothAdult
M-18A Nov. 04 Discover Why Water is Important-
M-19A Nov. 11 Systems of The Human Body-
M-20A Nov. 18 Light Science with Roy G. Biv-
M-16A Oct. 21 Volcanic Eruptions
M-17A Oct. 28 Dinosaurs In the Mesozoic Era-
S-07 S-07 11/18 Sat 12-5 pm Cal Nur Soil and Water Conservation (Karen Anderson)$30.00
S-08 S-08 12/2 Sat 12-5 pm Cal Nur Environmental Science MB Part 1 (Karen Anderson) $30.00
S-09 S-09 12/9 Fri 12-5 Environmental Science MB Part 2 (Karen Anderson) $30
S-10 S-10 12/16 Sat 12-5 Geology MB (Karen Anderson) CNHM $30
S-14 S-14 6/10 Sat 12-5 Environmental Science MB Part 2 (Karen Anderson) Cal Nursery $30
Sabercat Sabercat Field Trip
J-01 Session 1 Jr. Scientist Club
J-02 Sesson 2. Jr. Scientist Club
T-08 T-08 Wetlands and Mudflats (6-8 yrs) 8/7-8/11
T-09 T-09 Ecology of land and oceans(Junior Naturalist) (9-12 yrs) 8/14-8/18/017
sfpuc Calaveras Project