Applied Science - Science and Math (3B)

PROBLEM:  How can you measure liquid volume?



MATERIALS:  graduated cylinder, food coloring, alcohol, vegetable oil

  1. In your large graduated cylinder, measure 20 ml of water from a beaker.  In the smaller graduated cylinder pour 9 ml of water.  Have your teacher check your level. Draw what you see. The dip the water makes is called a meniscus.  To measure the liquid read the lowest point of the water.
  2. Put 15 ml of water in your 25 ml graduated cylinder.  Add 1 ml of salt to the test tube.  What is the volume of the graduated cylinder?
    Add another 1 ml of salt.  Does the volume change?
  3. Put 10 ml of water in a graduated cylinder.  In another graduated cylinder (25 ml one) put 10 ml of vegetable oil.  Slowly pour the water into the vegetable oil.  How much liquid do you have?  
    Describe what you see?
  4. Slowly pour the contents of #3 into a beaker or clear cup.  Measure 10 ml of alcohol.  Put 2 drops of red food coloring in it.  Slowly pour the liquid into the beaker or plastic cup.  Describe what happens?

If you had a test tube filled with water, how could you measure it's volume?

What is the unit of measurement for volume?

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