Water Quality Monitoring
Rick Switzer, Centerville Junior H.S., Fremont, CA


Junior High students can help scientists study  local environments.  A field trip to the Tule Ponds at Tyson's Lagoon, can provide students with the skills to monitor and interpret water quality issues.

In addition to introducing students to a local  environment, there are several lessons in this scientific field trip that may be helpful later in a student's life.

  • Performing  chemical tests on water quality teaches procedural skills, and  supports the idea that a person can find out what is happening in his or her local environment.  This is the first step to becoming involved in taking care of the place in which one lives.
  • Students are introduced to chemistry as a tool to understand the world around them.
  • Accurate measurement and record keeping skills are emphasized and practiced.
  • Analytical skills are emphasized, leading students to question the occurance of events in local water systems.

These exercises for Junior High students involve testing several critical facets of water quality, the amount of dissolved oxygen and temperature of Tyson's lagoon and the adjacent water treatment ponds.  Students will also relate the type, diversity and abundance of biological life found in the different ponds.

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Getting Ready to Go

At the Ponds