Getting Ready to Go

Before we can go to the ponds, we need to organize our groups, gather our equipment, and practice the monitoring tests.


We need to form groups to get the testing done quickly and accurately. Each group will need to have at least 2 people for each one of these tasks:
  • Temperature Reading
  • Temperature Recording
  • Water Sampling for Dissolved Oxygen Test.   This should be done by people who can follow a procedure carefully, and who are good with their handsThere are several steps which must be done exactly as the directions indicate.
  • Chemical Testing. This test is a complicated series of steps.  For this test, you should choose people who can read and follow directions very carefully.  The directions for some steps are complicated.
  • Biological Observation and Recording.  Using a Field Microscope you will look at the small organisms that live in each pond and  Tyson Lagoon
  • Data Recording for Dissolved Oxygen Test
Very important:  Even if you are not directly doing a test, you need to know how to perform the test properly so that you can check other group members  to see that everything is being done correctly.  All members of the group are responsible for your results being correct.  If one person makes a mistake, and no one notices, the entire group has incorrect data from that mistake.  Please work together for a successful scientific experience.

Decide which group member will the the primary person responsible for each step.  Then, pick a back-up person who will have the primary responsibility if the first person can't make it.  All group members should know all the steps in the procedures.

Equipment Needed

For each person:
  •  Notepad and paper
  •  2 Pencils
  •  Sunscreen (if needed)
  •  Jacket (if needed)
  •  Rubber Boots (if needed)
For the group:
  • Thermometer
  • Sample bottle
  • Water Sampler
If students do not know how to read a thermometer have them practice before you visit the Tule Ponds.