2012 Catherine Raia Mini Scholar Essay Winners

Congratulations to the following first place winners from each participating class for their wonderful essays on
"Why Science is Important"

PS 8 PS 21 PS 23 PS 32 PS 50
Jenna Sundback
Brielle Bonviso
Madysen D'Angelo
Isabela Maldonado
Alicia Neri

Jaylene Cruz
Therese Persichetty
Vincent Cuccurullo
James Tonrey
Thomas Chow
Jason Rowland
Ayeh Shihadeh
Gabriella Catania
Madison Improta
Angela Schettini
Janeen Abuzahrieh
Danielle Cruz-Holden

Angela Schettini - PS 50 Janeen Abuzhrieh - PS 50 Jared Rubino - PS 50 Jornal Disla- PS 8 Caitlin McGetrick - PS 23


PS 8

Why Science is Important by Madysen D’Angelo, (Mrs. Lyons/Mr. Ammirato)


      Some people think that science is not important, but I think they are very wrong! Science is everywhere and most of the time you don’t even realize that you are using it. It could be as simple as turning on the light when you walk into a room. Without Thomas Edison’s invention of the light bulb and his use of science we would all still be using candles. Without Karl Benz’s invention of the first car in 1886, we would all still be walking to school or riding a horse. Without Alexander Graham Bell’s wonderful invention of the telephone we wouldn’t be able to talk with our friends and family who we don’t get to see every day. Without science we would not have television, computers, internet, and all of the other everyday luxuries that we take for granted. There are many other reasons why science is important. One of those reasons is what science has done to save people’s lives. Without science we wouldn’t have X-ray machines to help find out what is wrong inside of our bodies. Without science we wouldn’t have the medicines that we need when we get sick and immunizations that keep us from getting sick. Without science we wouldn’t have all of the tests that tell us if we have high blood pressure, cholesterol, or diabetes. Without science we would not be able to stay as healthy as we are today. Science is also a big part of our day in school. Without science we would not have the smart boards our teachers use to help us learn, or the computers we need to gather information. Without the P.A. system we wouldn’t hear our morning announcements from Ms. Esposito. Another is the cafeteria; we wouldn’t have hot lunch or ice cream every day. Science is everywhere, from the moment you wake up to the time you go to bed, you are using it. Science is important because without it we wouldn’t be like we are today.     



Why Science is Important by Jenna Sundback, (Mrs. Christiansen)


            Science is happening all around us, every day. We have so many opportunities to explore, discover, and observe and the world of science is a part of that. Weather, measuring, technology, nature, medicine, and many more day to day activities are scientific by nature .Observing, classifying, predicting, and testing are all activities that help us explore our environment so that we can learn.  This is why science is important. Medicine is a big part of science. It helps save lives. When I get sick I take medicine to feel better. Without medicine and vaccines people would be spreading diseases and many people would be dying. Over the years scientists have created different types of medicine to help me and billions of others through times of sickness. The chemists and biologists that study germs and test medicine are very important. Technology is also an important part of science. Technology is used for X-rays, MRI’s, cat scans and can find issues with bones, joints, and other organs of the body. GPS systems and other tracking devices are very useful forms of technology that can help you get directions, locate different attractions, find a lost puppy, or even catch a criminal. Weather also involves a lot of science. Scientists called meteorologists make weather predictions. In order to make those predictions they look at the weather history, study different seasons and climates, and watch the cycles of the moon to predict weather. Knowing what the weather is going to be like helps me to pick out the appropriate clothes to wear and it helps my family plan vacations. My grandparent lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. When it is 40° in New York, it might be 80° in Las Vegas. Science is everywhere. The world of science is huge, always changing and getting bigger and bigger. I have only named a few ways that science is important to me and the world but there are many more ways that science affects our lives. The more I learn about science, the greater the importance it will have in my life.



Why Science is Important by Brielle Bonviso, (Mrs. LaForgia)


           Why is science important? That is a question we should ask ourselves every day. Science is a part of everything we do from the minute we wake up until we go to sleep at night. It is what makes up our world and our lives. It explains how we were born and how we live every day. Without science the world would be a different place. The sun might not shine and the moon might not glow. The wind might not blow and the sky might not be blue. Science is all around us whether we know it or not. When I wake up in the morning, I brush my teeth. That is science happening right inside my bathroom. The fluoride in the toothpaste is keeping my teeth healthy and clean. The food I eat for breakfast, such as eggs are healthy for my body. The protein gives me energy to get through my day and that is science. When I go to the gym or exercise, it is science. Everything I do throughout my day is related to science in some way. They say that science is “all around us” and that is true. Without science the world would be a very different place than it is now. Not to mention all the technology we live with. Science is going above and beyond what we could ever imagine. And as we grow, so will science .New things will be discovered and the world will change every day because of it. So as we look back on how science has changed our world we can look toward the future to see how it will change. Science is all around us and no matter which way we look at it, it is how we live, grow, and change. Why is science important? It is important because it is what makes up our always changing world and it is what makes us look forward to the future as we grow and change.



Why Science is Important by Noelia Guzman, (Mrs. DeLuca)


            It was the 1600’s, there was a girl, and she didn’t have a hub so her mom told her to get water from the river. The girl’s mom didn’t have a stove so she had to make fire and find food to cook. The girl didn’t have light so she has a candle. The girl didn’t have a phone to communicate so she had to put smoke in the air to communicate. The girl didn’t have laundry so she had to wash her clothes in the river. The girl said…”Mom it’s hard without science”. See how science is important.



Why Science is Important by Victor Martinez,  (Mrs. Pascoe)


            Science is important to me because science is what we call “life”. Science is all around us, everyday since the Earth was created millions of years ago. Unlike other subjects like reading, math, social studies, and physical education, science makes everything in life possible. Science is huge wide and very mysterious. It goes from the hot iron core of this planet to the end of the universe. Lots of mysteries are unsolved and scientist work day in and day out to increase our knowledge of the most historical subject. If you chose to be a scientist what will you do? There are so many things to do like being a paleontologist or an archaeologist. Think big, bigger, bigger, bigger! Name on thing that has been on earth since the beginning of time. It’s plants! Their adaptions and unique way of surviving in this eat-eat world have allowed them to survive all these. How do they do it all? Their so mysterious yet so plentiful. What about molecules so that makes us even more clueless! In conclusion science is life. Life is life. Life is everything. Since science is life, science is everything.


PS 21


Why Science is Important by Alicia Neri, (Mrs. Flores)


              Science is important because without science we wouldn’t have all the great inventions we have today that scientists have created. Science is also important because it helps me to understand nature and how everything exists. Science is important to people so we can understand what is going on in our environment. I like learning about our solar system and the planets. Mercury is very hot because it is close to the sun. The sun’s temperature is over 1.000 degrees Fahrenheit. The earth is a living planet and cannot live without the sun. Learning science is very important for us because we can increase our knowledge of our environment and we can learn a lot of things about animals and the great circle of life and the planet we live on. Science is also very important just like math and reading; science is used every day to help people. They learn how to protect the rainforests so we don’t lose any more animals to extinction. We understand our need for trees to create oxygen and provide food and shelter for many species. Science helps my family. Almost everything we do on a day-to-day basis requires some level. For example; understanding cooking or gardening requires some knowledge of science. Science is also important because we are able even to predict the weather. We can even know the causes of different types of weather. In sports, athletes rely on understanding forces acting on a ball when it is thrown. This is called friction. An example of friction is a force that opposes motion, like catching a ball. The technological world we live also heavily depends on the scientists. The more children grow up with science, the better the world. Of course since we kids are naturally curious about everything, childhood is the perfect time to become involved in science. There is also a very positive effect from studying science. That is why science is important to me.

 PS 23

Why Science is Important by James Tonrey (Mrs. Christie)

Science is very important to the human way of life!  Science is everything! Science includes animals, nature, space, technology, weather, diseases, health, and more!  So what’s the big deal about science, why is it so important? Science is very important to our lives.  Through science, we can find out a lot of new things.  Learning about animals can help us find out where humans originated from, how long life has been on earth, and how some animals become extinct.  Learning about nature can help us by finding out what plants to stay away from, and how an ecosystem works.   Learning about weather helps us to dress the right way and help us from getting sick.  If we didn’t know about the weather, we could suffer from hypothermia, pneumonia, sunburn, or more.  Learning about diseases can help us learn about how to prevent and get rid of them.  Learning about space can help us learn the dangers such as meteorites and other parts of the universe.  Learning about technology can help us do research and build things for defense, so we don’t get hurt during war.  In conclusion, our lives pretty much depend on science. Without all of the research that our scientists have done we wouldn’t be able to live.  We may not have learned that we have to eat food and drink water without science.


Why Science is Important by Jaylene Cruz,  (Mrs. Berlinger)


             Science has many ways of being important, some ways are survival, plants, etc. Science is in everyday life. Without science we wouldn’t have the lives we have today. If you don’t believe me, read on and see reasons that will probably convince you. One way science is important is because of technology. Without technology, we wouldn’t be able to get any good entertainment. Without entertainment, we would be bored all day long. Also without technology jobs/businesses would be harder and slower. Another way science is important is because of food. Without science we wouldn’t know which foods to avoid. We would probably get sick by everything we eat. As you can see, science is very important. Without science we wouldn’t have the life we have today. This is why science is important in many ways.



Why Science is  Important by Therese Persichetty, (Mrs. Ramano)


              Science is very important. If it wasn’t for science, all us people would be suffering and living horrible lives. We would probably be living in caves with no food and freezing to death. We would live really short lives because we would have no medicine and that would affect our healthy lives. We would probably all die because we have no warmth, food, or health. That’s what will happen without science. We need science because without science we would probably die. Science gives us technology, plants, space, weather, electricity, animals, medicine, homes, space exploration, fossils, food, and life. Without science we wouldn’t be able to live because we wouldn’t have any food or water to survive. We would also be living in the freezing cold because we have no shelter to live in. Science gives us technology and without technology we wouldn’t know what the weather is and dangerous storm might come. We also need cellphones in case of emergencies. Also, plants give us oxygen. Without science we wouldn’t have medicine and medicine gives us our health. So if we don’t have healthy bodies, they will just fall apart. As you can see, without science we wouldn’t be here right now on this earth. Science gives us everything that’s why we need it. That is why science is very important.


Why Science is  Important by Vincent Cuccurullo, (Mrs. Parascandola)


                Science is important because you can learn about plants and oxygen, food and fresh air. They use technology to find out mysteries. Plants give us oxygen because we will not survive without food and air. We need technology to help people and police officers to solve mysteries, to save people’s lives and to care for them. Some animals are endangered species because people kill animals for food. Now some people hit animals, kick animals, and abuse the animals. People have surgery every day, and die from cancer. Scientists make medicine for people that need it for taking care of one another. Scientists make a lot of medicine for people who need it the most. You should believe me because we wouldn’t have the things today without science and scientists.



PS 32

Why Science is Important by Gabriella Catania,  (Mrs. Silver)


                         Science is important because science can provide you with necessary skills to analyze and think logically. Science underpins improvements in human welfare, through technologies which it develops for health, food, production, engineering, and communications. Science is also important in solving problems created by human activity such as environmental degradation and climate change. Without science, we wouldn’t have any inventions. Science is so important to me because you learn interesting stuff everyday.




Why Science is Important by Jason Rowland, (Mrs. Doren)


         Science is important in many ways. It is helpful in medical ways. Also, it is important in entertainment. Science is a good lesson to learn because it can help with other subjects like math. Science helps in keeping us alive. In a hospital they have a lot of scientific objects. One is the machine that is hooked up to you that shows your heartbeat. Also, all medicine is made by scientists. Science is used in all types of electronics. Science doesn’t just heal us, it entertains us. If you have any phone, IPad, IPod, TV, computer, etc. that are touchscreen, the glass [covering] acts like a skin and the pressure pads click on the symbol(app, call, etc.) and opens it. If you think about a TV off, it is an open circuit. There is a central place (where the batteries would be) and attached there are little metal wires or bars connected to the central place and the receptor (switch). In a circuit, you flip the switch. On a TV your hand in which you use to close the circuit is the remote. Instead of turning on a light you turn on a TV. Sit back and enjoy your shows! Math is a piece of cake if you’re an ace at science. In science you can learn many math algorithons? Like when you are learning about inclined planes. You learn math when learning about inclined planes because it has to be around a 30° angle area. Also, Albert Einstein was flunking math and about to fail. The one subject he was really good at was science. Einstein was able to convert math equations into science equations so he knew what they were. Albert created the famous formula E=MC². Science allows us to wake up every morning. Science makes water for us to drink so we don’t dehydrate. Water is made by oxygen combining with hydrogen. Science is air too. Oxygen plus nitrogen equals air. We have to breathe air to live. Also, plants give off oxygen so we could breathe and in return, we give them carbon dioxide. Green plants give us food so we don’t starve to death.  Simple machines help in everyday things also. If you ever think about a playground there are many simple machines. A slide helps you get down quicker like an inclined plane and a see-saw lets you lift heavier objects like a lever. If you go hunting you could find simple machines. One is the arrow tip that is pointy and a wedge s it can go through the object you just shot. Another one is a share with gear wheels in it so the simple machine is a gear wheel. Science is a subject that you see every single day when you don’t know you do. I probably wouldn’t know any of this if my amazing science teacher Mr.Kling hadn’t shown me in the last two years. Also, I have to thank my wonderful teacher Mrs. Doren for reading the listening passage in which taught me about the gases in the article, Oxygen. Without science I don’t know what we would do. If there was no science there would be no America that I know.



Why Science is Important by Thomas Chow  (Mrs. Kisver)


                  Science is important because it is everywhere. Science is because it helps children to develop their natural curiosity. It also helps children to understand everyday life by giving them skills in critical thinking, problem solving and increases their curiosity Science is also important because it has a good effect on the human brain and mind. When children study science it increases their ability to use reason and logic. These are important skills in life. Science is used every day, from cooking to gardening, to studying bacteria and chemical. Without science children could not grow and understand and that is why science is important.



Why Science is Important by  Ayeh Shihadeh,  (Mrs.Kling)


                  Why is science important? It can be lots of things including nature but what about it? Science is what helps us in the world but mostly to survive in the world. Would we be here without trees and plants? No we would not. Trees and plants give us oxygen. Our five senses definitely help us see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. If we think about technology that is a lot of science an example is research animals and etc. This helps us study wildlife. If we do not research or study animals we would not know what the animals do to survive in the wildlife. Animals around the world are different in many ways and to be free like us mammals to share the world. This is why science IS important!


PS 50

Why Science is Important by Madison Improta, (Mrs. Rappaport)


       Science is important in many ways. Science is important to the whole world. Science can cure diseases, prove people’s claims to whether something is fact or fiction, and learn about the world. You need science in your daily life. In your daily life you use science to report the weather, to do math, and when you cook. In cooking, you have many different ingredients and you have to mix them correctly together. If you don’t do it right, what you’re doing won’t be right. Doctors use science to make cures for diseases and cancers. They also make medicine for a fever, flu, or cold. Weather people use science to predict the weather. They make graphs to track the weather and come up with a scientific thesis. Science teaches you to prove your theories and maybe one day solve them. Science can also let you learn about the world, asteroids, galaxies, planets and meteors. In conclusion, science is very important to the whole world, especially me!



Why Science is Important by Angela Schettini ,  (Mrs. Kranpost)


           Science is an important subject. There are many reasons for this. One reason is everything in life is science. Science is an important subject. Another reason is because there are so many different kinds of science. For example, there is ecology, space, electricity, earth, anatomy, atoms, life, and health. There are many other types of sciences, too.  Science is an important subject. I notice that we have science two times a week whether it is with our class’ regular teacher, or our science prep teacher. My mom used to be a 4th grade teacher, and she told me that classes are required to have science twice a week because it is important. In conclusion, I think science is important because everything in life is science.



Why Science is Important by Janeen Abuzhreih,  (Ms. Pearce)


             If there was no science then we wouldn’t know how to influence ourselves. Science is important because basically everything around us is used as science. Science is a part of our daily lives. Things used as science could be recycling, the daily weather, and technology, cooking, and gardening. It is important because it allows us to understand the world. Another reason why science is important is because without it we wouldn’t have all of these inventions like IPods, phones, computers, TVs, and more. Science also shows us how the world works in many different ways. Without science we wouldn’t be using tools we use now. Science also includes the human body, chemicals, variables, plants, and animals. Science inventions come in different shapes and sizes. Science also includes forces of energy.



Why Science is  Important by Danielle Cruz-Holden,  (Mrs. Riley)


             The study of science is an important base of discovery. Science is important because it helps us understand our past life, our present, and make our future. Science is a discovery about the earth, how rocks are formed, what materials combine to make the earth. Why the ocean’s water is salty and what amount of the earth it takes up. Science is about discovering space. We learn the sun has flares and how its radiation is weakening our ozone layer. Science is about discovery habitats and all living things.  We learn how our blood pumps through our body and how our muscles move everything in our body. These are just some examples of science. There are many examples. This is why I think science is important.