Universe Cycle - Solar System (6)
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Put the planets in a line.
Count them, count them one through nine.
In order, racing round the sun,

Mercury is number one! Mercury:
Closest to the sun, 'm told,
It's boiling hot, then freezing cold!
No atmosphere or life, it's just
A small gray ball of rock and dust.
Ancient craters dot its face,
The fastest planet in the race!
(Repeat Chorus).

Venus is the second one! Venus:
It's like the Earth in shape and size,
But on Venus nothing can survive.
Steep mountaintops and dusty plains
'Neath sulfur clouds of poison rain!
These yellow clouds reflect sunlight -It's
the brightest planet in our night

The planet Earth, we'll sing about,
A sweet home, yours and mine.
In order, racing round the sun,
It is the third in line. Earth!
(Repeat Chorus)

Mars is fourth, the reddest one! Mars:
The Earth has one moon, Mars has two.
Life might exist, but not like you or me.
There are storms of swirling dust.
Volcanoes, canyons, ice, and rust.
The sun's so hot 'twould burn our hair,
And plus, we couldn't breathe the air!

These first four planets we've described
Are terrestrial, there's land inside.
Beyond them, through the asteroid belt,
Is where the great gas giants dwell!
(Repeat Chorus)

Jupiter is fifth, the biggest one! Jupiter:
It's a ball of liquid hydrogen,
If you stood on it, you'd sink in!
It's wrapped in clouds and colored rings
Of gas and rocks and whizzing things,
Its storm, the great Red Spot, goes zooming
Round it, so do sixteen moons!
You's see no life as you fly by
This shining giant in the sky.
(Repeat Chorus)

Saturn's sixth, the ice-ringed one! Saturn:
Second largest of the nine,
This whirling ball of gas goes flying.
Through large, it's light enough to float
On water, like a giant boat!
Astronomers will always sing
Of Saturn and its dazzling rings!
(Repeat Chorus)

Uranus is the seventh one! Uranus:
So far from Earth it's rarely seen,
Enwrapped in clouds of bluish green.
Tipped sideways, it's the only one
Whose top is pointed towards the sun!
Ancients eyes the other six,
Took a telescope to find Uranus!
(Repeat Chorus)

Neptune's next, the eighth one! Neptune:
The last of the gas giants,
It has eight moons which accompany it.
Eight billion miles from Earth, it spins
Amidst blue clouds of hydrogen,
Named for the great god of the sea,
It swims around the galaxy!
(Repeat Chorus)

Pluto's ninth, the smallest one! Pluto:
Pluto is so far away,
If you stood on it, you would say,
"From here the Earth looks like a star."
It's unexplored by man, so far
Last in line of those we know,
One moon goes where Pluto goes.

Put the planets in a line.
Count them, count them one through nine.
Just portions of our galaxy,
There's still much more to seek and see -
The universe...infinity!

by Dan Cooper
from Star Tunes

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