Universe Cycle - Solar System (6)
Post Lab 

  • Exploring astronomical themes in songs.
  • Creating a poem or song based on scientific facts.
  • literature
  • poem
  • Poem,  "Put the Planets on a Line"

Students compose a poem on the planets.


Students may not realize that many people who write music (not necessarily the ones who sing it), are people educated not only in music, but also in science. Many descriptive terms used in songs have roots in scientific information. The recommended poem, "Put the Planets on a Line" shows how the author Don Cooper is able to weave facts for all students to enjoy. This poem is also a song.

  1. Read the poem with the students. Ask them if they think the poem would help someone remember scientific features.
  2. Ask the students if they like this type of poem, which weaves fact into an easy to read piece of literature.
  3. As a homework assignment, have them choose a planet and write a poem about it.

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