Universe Cycle - Geography (6)
Pre Lab 

Directions: Answer the following questions. Describe the type of map you would use for each answer.

  1. Susie lives in California and wants to go to New York City. What kind of map would she use to find out what states she will cross?
  2. A pilot is going to Russia from San Francisco. How would he find out the shortest route to fly there?
  3. A sailor wants to know how many nautical miles there are between Hawaii and San Francisco. What kind of map would he use?
  4. A hiker wants to climb Mt. Whitney in California. What map will tell him how many feet she will have to climb to get to the top?
  5. A team of geologists wants to know if there are igneous rocks where they are working. What kind of map would they use?
  6. Where on a map can you find a list of the symbols used on it?
  7. For each map item below, draw the correct symbol. Use the Topographic Map Symbols to find the answer.













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