Universe Cycle - Geography (5)

PROBLEM: Can a topographic map help us determine the landscape of an area?


MATERIALS: 5 topographic maps

PROCEDURE: Answer the following questions as you look at the maps on the next several pages.

  1. Which map has the highest mountains? 
  2. Which map has the most creeks? 
  3. Which maps shows you details about the roadways?
  4. List the scale of each map.
  5. Which map or maps show oceans? 
  6. What is the highest mountain shown on one of the maps? Give the map name and its name and elevation. 
  7. Which map has the most mountains?
  8. Which map has the flattest landscape?
  9. Which one has the most lakes? 
  10. Which one has the driest climate? 
  11. What map has the most forest? 
  12. Which map has the most water? 
  13. Describe the landscape of each map. (For example, has mountains, many rivers)

CONCLUSION: Can you describe the general landscape of an area using topographic maps?


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